SHE Tropicana Speech Winners

December 11, 2015

6th Tropicana Winners:  1st Timothy Warfel, 2nd Bodiesha Cherry, 3rd Hannah Giles

5th grade Tropicana Winners: 1st Elora McGuire, 2nd Kenzie Dungan, 3rd Chance Cherry

4th Grade Tropicana Winner: 1st place Leondra McCloud (on the right), 2nd Ashley Hettich (no third

North Hamilton Elementary Spelling Bee winners are 1st place Jesus Castro, 2nd place Sarai Aldama-Vaquero and 3rd place Yesenia Gomez.   Everyone did a great job!

Classroom winners

On Friday, November 13th, the North Hamilton Elementary PTO held their annual Fall Festival.  Students, staff, and parents enjoyed a fun-filled day of games and bounce houses. Exciting events such as the cupcake walk, ring toss, duck and fish ponds, golfing and roping gave our students a nice little break from their studies.  Thanks to our volunteers, parents, staff, and Jr. Beta Club for taking the time to assist in making this another successful Fall Festival.   

North Hamilton Elementary invites all veterans to a luncheon on Tuesday, Novemeber 10, 2015 at 12:30.  The veterans day program presented by the students will be begin at 1:30.

Central Hamilton Elementary students enjoyed Career Day held on October 29, 2015. The Hamilton County Sheriff's Department, Jasper Police Department, The EMT's of Hamilton County, The Jasper Fire Department, and representatives from Hamilton County School District's Transportation Department all worked together to provide valuable information for the students. Each team prepared an age appropriate presentation based upon the responsibility in making our community a safer place for all. 

South Hamilton Elementary held Career Day on Friday, October 29th, 2015. This was a great opportunity for students to learn about the careers of local and surrounding community members. After sharing information with students about their career, representatives offered a first-hand experience with each rotation. The Emergency Medical System allowed students to walk in an ambulance and observe what it is like to be on the emergency staff, when learning about the Department of Transportation students felt samples of asphalt core. Students learned about the Department of Agriculture and the Drug Task Force and were able to go inside both officer vehicles. Students were excited to see the landing of the Trauma 1 helicopter. The day ended with the chance to explore the helicopter-inside and out.

North Hamilton Elementary School held a Career Day on Thursday, October 29, 2015. Many visitors within the community and surrounding areas volunteered their morning to share their careers with the students. At North Hamilton Elementary Jimmy Murphy’s Farms, Houston Veterinary Clinic, Hamilton County Schools Transportation Department, Department of Forestry, Jennings Fire Station, Hamilton County Emergency Management, United Parcel Service, Jennings Police Department, Three Rivers Flooring Company and Duke Energy all gave the students an up-close and personal view of the types of things they do in their jobs.

Students toured emergency vehicles and farm equipment, chatted with Smokey the Bear and honked the horn on the UPS truck. They learned about underwater log recovery, working with electricity and how to take care of animals. Each career demonstration brought about many smiling faces and excited chatter from the students. The dedication and support from these community helpers was very evident by their willingness to participate in this event.

Students Return August 17

August 17, 2015

Hamilton Elementary Schools start time is 7:35 a.m. and dismissal time is 2:30 p.m.

Stephen Hughes, Science teacher at Central Hamilton Elementary School,  recently visited the Keystone Science School Conference in Keystone, Colorado. This trip was in partnership with Duke Energy’s commitment to education. The sponsorship included travel accommodations and tuition to the institute’s conference. The institute’s purpose was to allow teachers from all over the country to discuss environmental problems from their respective areas, and to convey them without bias. There were 41 teachers in attendance at the conference with 13 from Florida. Teachers from Texas, Maryland, Illinois, Alabama, California, Colorado and Rhode Island were also represented at the conference.


            The institute’s daily activities emphasized hands on group work, which allowed teachers work through environmental problems as their students would in the classroom. Many activities were based outdoors to encourage teachers to take their classes away from the four walls of the school building. The institute was careful to design their activities to encourage the use of environmental classrooms. Teachers were able to have a firsthand look at Global Positioning System (GPS) and how to incorporate this technology into the classroom. One all day activity brought the teachers to the rivers and streams of the Rocky Mountains. Here, teachers were instructed  to collect water samples and other materials, which encouraged team building amongst the groups


            Duke Energy’s generosity allowed many teachers to attend this fascinating and informative conference. This Colorado setting allowed them to learn valuable teaching skills for their students. Mr. Hughes was given new equipment and other resources for his classroom. Duke Energy has made additional promises of financial resources to enhance the education experience in the Hamilton County School System. Mr. Hughes looks forward to bringing his new lessons to the classroom to enhance his students’ educational experiences at Central Hamilton Elementary.