North Hamilton Elementary School held a Career Day on Thursday, October 29, 2015. Many visitors within the community and surrounding areas volunteered their morning to share their careers with the students. At North Hamilton Elementary Jimmy Murphy’s Farms, Houston Veterinary Clinic, Hamilton County Schools Transportation Department, Department of Forestry, Jennings Fire Station, Hamilton County Emergency Management, United Parcel Service, Jennings Police Department, Three Rivers Flooring Company and Duke Energy all gave the students an up-close and personal view of the types of things they do in their jobs.

Students toured emergency vehicles and farm equipment, chatted with Smokey the Bear and honked the horn on the UPS truck. They learned about underwater log recovery, working with electricity and how to take care of animals. Each career demonstration brought about many smiling faces and excited chatter from the students. The dedication and support from these community helpers was very evident by their willingness to participate in this event.