Accelerated Reader Program

Hamilton Elementary Students participate in the Accelerated Reader program. This is a computerized reading comprehension program in which students read a book and then take a computerized reading comprehension quiz. Students may have the book read to them, read with them, or read independently. Points are awarded based upon the reading level and length of the book. Students utilize the points earned in a variety of different ways.

Accelerated Math

Accelerated Math is computer software that helps teachers manage and monitor students’ mathematics practice and mastery. Student complete a daily, personalized assignment. The students may work on the assignment on a computer or tablet, or, if it is a paper assignment, the students may enter his or her answers in the software or on a scan card. A review in the software or an individual report shows both the student and teacher which problems the student answered correctly and incorrectly. The teacher uses the information in the report to help the student with specific concepts. The software then creates the next assignment, including more practice on the concepts the student had trouble with.